The Issue and Annoyance of Translation

Filed under Literature on May 23rd, 2012

Three different versions of Thérèse Raquin, three different meanings of Madame Raquin’s life. And yes, I know I am nitpicking, but who would I be if I did not? Also, shouldn’t one nitpick when it comes to great pieces of Art? “She led the life of a recluse. Ignoring the poignant joys and cares of […]


Filed under Literature on March 4th, 2011

And I’m back to posting quotes. “Another thirst had come upon him: the thirst for women, for luxury, for everything that life in Paris implies.” — Flaubert, L’Éducation sentimentale.


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“It is splendid to be a great writer, to put men into the frying pan of your words and make them pop like chestnuts. There must be delirious pride in the feeling that you are bringing the full weight of your ideas to bear on mankind. But for that you must have something to say.” […]