27 days left till opening night:

Heaven forfend!

Buy your tickets now. I'm not kidding. Now.

It’s March 25, which could have been a pretty normal Friday, had it not been for Heaven forfend!‘s approaching opening night. When we started the production in September, April 21 looked so far away; months, months, months away. We had originally planned on beginning in September and opening in December; due to financial issues that wasn’t possible, and looking back, I’m glad that wasn’t a possibility. It took us all these months to set up an awesome show, something that would have been simply impossible in just four months.

With the cast knowing their lines, almost knowing all their cues, and being one with their characters, technical issues are the main focus right now. Besides stage movements, logistics between scenes and making everything seem as natural as possible, set design, a lighting plan, marketing and sales are the most important factors to work on now.

Let me just start by saying that this is university theatre. Though it’s being run as a small organisation/company (encounters with the IRS included), we have a limited amount of time every week (most of us are graduating this year, which makes for some fun scheduling conflicts), the pot of money is squirrel-sized (which is an odd metaphor, I know), and the material stock (in the form of costumes, or already finished sets, et cetera) is nonexistent.

So, in the next couple of weeks the sets have to be built, the cast has to check what they can provide from their own closets in the form of costumes (and we have to determine what needs to be bought otherwise), the overall performances need to be fine-tuned to ensure perfection, a small cameo role needs to be recast, a lighting plan has to be drafted, a preview, dress rehearsal and technical rehearsal need to be scheduled, the soundtrack needs to be finalised, deals have to be made with the theatre concerning allowed uses of special effects, promotion has to be upgraded to in-your-face-buy-a-ticket-now-or-else levels, and programs need to be printed.

But no pressure.

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