After a long break, it appears that I’m back to blogging again. Between everything at university; working on Aleksandr Magazine and other sites; writing short stories and poems; sending out lacklustre work to The New Yorker1 and the Virginia Quarterly Review2, and some better work to the same Virginia, as well as the Boston Review and Columbia Journal; and, having absolutely no blogging inspiration, this little vixen was left abandoned and ignored.

However, no more of that! I’ve got a lot of catching up to do, I have to say. Not only am I way behind on the film ratings articles, I also haven’t shared much of my colourless and tedious life of the last six month with you—for shame! (Not that there’s really that much to share, but, whatever. Just roll with it.) Well, that’s definitely going to change from now on.


  1. One short story rejected. []
  2. Two pending, one rejected. []

"Hey, I just wanted to — Wait. Where did the commenting form go?"

So, I stopped doing comments on my blog. Twitter, Facebook, and good-old e-mail do a much better job, in my experience and opinion.